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A Letter from Peggy Fryer

Peggy FryerPeggy Fryer isn’t just the Co-Executive Director of FFC’s provider partner Catholic Residential Services, she’s also the sister of one of FFC’s residents.  At a recent interview for a video about FFC’s services, Peggy shared her thoughts out loud, then wrote to us to tell us even more.  We just had to share it with you!

“As Co-Executive Director of Catholic Residential Services who provides support and care within 3 of your homes in Cincinnati, I would like to say it is wonderful working with a great agency like FFC.  We know that FFC really cares about the people they serve.  You provide lovely, well kept, affordable homes in good neighborhoods which gives the people we serve the opportunity to live independently, have and be good neighbors, while being proud and responsible for where they live.  Your individual grants have helped to purchase quality furniture that has helped to make our house a home.  FFC is always looking for ways to positively impact the lives of those they serve, by collaborating on grants for home improvements, looking at accessibility, and ways to enable the men and women to  “age out” in their homes.

As I am also a sibling to one of the men who lives in one of your homes, I would like to express our families’ gratitude to FFC.  My brother, Mike was living in a home that was in a very run-down part of town.  There were house break-ins and the men did not feel safe waiting for the bus.  Now Mike and his three housemates live in a good neighborhood, and have a great home with a big back yard.  The neighbors are kind, the men love to entertain with cookouts in their backyard, and Mike loves to water and pick the vegetables in their raised garden.  Mike goes to his sibling’s homes on the weekends, and as I drive him back home on Sunday evening, I can’t tell you the sense of comfort I feel as we pull up to his home.  He greets his staff and housemates who want to know what he did on the weekend, unpacks his bag, and starts his nightly routine.   With his pajamas on, he settles into his cozy bedroom chair, feet up on the ottoman to watch his Laurence Welk DVD.  As I hug him goodbye and drive home I feel we are all so blessed by and grateful to the Foundation For the Challenged for improving the quality of Mike’s life.”